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About Old School Bookshop

Old School Bookshop has been established by me, Lucie (pictured below), with the aim of sharing the benefits of reading with the local community.

Established 2023 in Old Buckenham

I have wanted to launch a bookshop in Old Buckenham for some time. But it wasn't an idea that came out of nowhere. 

I have always loved reading and grew up with my nose stuck in endless novels - much to the annoyance of my parents at times who always took me on amazing holidays with fantastic scenery and sights that I would invariably miss in favour of the wonderful discoveries I was making on the pages of my latest book. 

I didn't realise at the time, but reading was giving me an escape from a world that I found sensorially overwhelming and throughout my life I have returned to reading to support and maintain my wellbeing. 

I have always been addicted to libraries and bookshops and I can lose myself in them for hours exploring the countless worlds each book within represented. 

I was lucky enough to meet my husband, Mark (below), who shares my love of books and literature. We spend as much time as we can visiting bookshops, reading and discussing those unexpected gems you just weren't expecting to find! 


We moved to Old Buckenham in 2018 and I launched my ethical bookshop - Book Bubble - selling books online and at pop up sales across Norfolk & Suffolk in my spare time.

All the time, working towards the dream of running our own bookshop one day. 

We were invited to be part of the Christmas market (see below) at the Church Rooms in 2022 and it was really lovely to meet more people in the village and chat books with so many of you.

Having noticed that the Church rooms was available to hire and following discussions with the Church we decide to trial a bookshop on the premises. The building used to be the village school, so it felt right to name it our new shop the 'Old School Bookshop'


Our aims with the bookshop are to offer quality and affordable reading material for the local community, a sanctuary to retreat to when the world gets too overwhelming, engaging events and mindful activities as well as some café and shop facilities over time. 

Along the way, we intend to be as ethical as we can be, maintaining our objectives to reduce the detrimental impact some shopping habits have on the earth. We do this through our choice of books, postage and packing options and by offering you gift options from local and sustainable small businesses.   You can read more about our aims on our Book Bubble website and online shop.


We are also upcycling and buying as many used items locally as possible to help us in the refurbishment of the building.  You can follow our progress on our social media channels and by signing up to our newsletter as well as viewing images in our gallery.  


We are launching our bookshop in December 2023 - but this is just the first chapter, as we have another half of the former Church Rooms left to refresh and are looking forward to working with the community to make best use of the space in the coming months.   


Me and my best buddy, Pip chilling out with some bubbles and a good book in 2021 

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